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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Five Things Every Young Driver Should Know About Their Vehicle

Five Things Every Young Driver Should Know About Their Vehicle

Most of us like to jump in our cars and go without thinking much about anything other than where we are headed. Especially when we are young and we can’t wait to get to a party, a friend’s house, or some other fun event. It is, however, important that everyone holds a bit of knowledge about the powerful vehicle under the control of our foot on the pedal, hand on the shifter, mitts on the steering wheel.  Know your car: Make sure someone teaches you about your specific car. From lights to brakes to everything in between, set it all up the ways that will keep you safe before ever pulling away from the curb. Understand all of your lights, set all mirrors to provide you with the least blind spots, and set your seat to provide you with comfort but also with the best ability to properly handle your steering wheel.  Owner's manual: Contrary to popular belief, your owner’s manual isn’t just there to take up room in your glove box or to satisfy the automa ... read more


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