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Customer Trusts Schultz Auto and Truck Repair with His Classic Car

Norbert is very protective of his classic 1964 Chevy Impala, and for good reason. It sure is a beautiful car and we wish we had an actual picture of it to share with you. Norbert wanted to have some repair work performed on his Impala, but he only wanted to work with a mechanic he knew he could trust with his older vehicle. He asked around and was recommended to Schultz Auto and Truck Repair in Hamburg, NY. 

"Saying I was pleased with my recent visit would be an understatement," Norbert says in his online review of Schultz Auto and Truck Repair. "For one thing it is not easy finding someone that works on older cars. Secondly, it is not just anyone I would entrust to leave my Impala with for a week to work on it. After my neighbor recommended Schultz Auto, I stopped in to meet and talk to the owner, Michael Schultz. After discussing what vehicle I had and what work I wanted done, I felt confident and comfortable arranging for Mike to perform the work needed."

Working on classic cars requires a delicate touch, whether it is a show car that needs maintenance, repairs and upgrades to keep in excellent shape, a daily driver that requires regular care or run-down old vehicle that needs to be brought back to life. Schultz Auto and Truck Repair has worked on many older vehicles and classic cars, so we know what it takes to make the right repairs and put in the extra attention these great old rides deserve. 

We're glad that Norbert felt comfortable trusting us with his beloved Impala. It was a pleasure to work on this car and make the repairs and upgrades that he requested. We sure look forward to any time he needs to bring the car in for ongoing maintenance or repairs. 

"Mike was able to perform the work within a few days and I could not be more satisfied with the work performed and the price quoted for each procedure," Norbert adds. "Thank you again Mike for the professionalism by you and your employees, as well as your knowledge and workmanship."

Thank you Norbert for sharing your feedback. We encourage all Schultz Auto and Truck Repair customers to write online reviews. It helps us understand what matters most to our customers and continue providing the highest standards of service we can. Please share your stories on our Reviews page, on Facebook or on Yelp.

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