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Fellow Auto Shop Owner Praises Team at Schultz Auto and Truck Repair

Shaun knows a little something about automotive repair. After all, he is a successful auto shop owner himself. So when he was away from his hometown and needed auto repair help in the Buffalo area, he looked around for a shop that would provide the expertise and service he desired. He read some positive online reviews about Schultz Auto and Truck Repair in Hamburg, so he brought in his truck and put our team to the test.

"I own a shop down state on Long Island," Shaun says in his own online review. "I was upstate visiting family and my truck broke down on the way back. These guys not only accurately diagnosed the check engine light, but did it quickly. And, it was affordable!"

When your check engine light comes on, it's the clearest sign your car or truck can give that there is something wrong with the vehicle. If the light comes on and stays illuminated, the problem is typically less urgent, but it is worth having checked out as soon as possible. If the check engine light is blinking, it means there is a major issue that requires immediate attention. Some of today's modern vehicles with very advanced computer systems will be able to provide an even more specific warning. 

No matter what, you need professional auto repair help when the vehicle breaks down and/or the check engine light comes on like what happened to Shaun on the road. Bring it into Schultz Auto and Truck Repair for an expert diagnosis. We'll perform thorough diagnostics tests and inspect the vehicle as needed to get to the root of the problem. Then, we can provide an accurate repair recommendation and price estimate, so you can decide if you want to proceed with the repairs. Communication and education are key parts of our customer service process at Schultz.

"The communication was amazing," adds Shaun. "They kept me updated every step along the way. If you're upstate in this area, I'd only suggest Schultz!"

Thank you for the feedback, Shaun. We know fellow shop owners aren't always easily impressed because you have high automotive service standards of your own. We were glad to help and get you back on the road as quickly as we could.

No matter what your automotive repair and diesel repair needs, Schultz Auto and Truck Repair has you covered if you are in Upstate New York—specifically the Buffalo Southtowns area. Whether you are just driving through or you live nearby, Michael Schultz and our team of expert automotive technicians is here to help get the repairs done right while making sure you feel comfortable with all your auto repair decisions. Call Schultz Auto and Truck Repair today at (716) 422-4008 or schedule your next maintenance or repair service appointment online.


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