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Got Rodents In Your Engine Compartment? Here’s What To Do About Them?

Did you find rats in your ride or mice in your manifold? Yikes!! Those buggers can chew up the electrical, tear up your insulation, and damage your ventilation system! They can cost you thousands in repairs if you don't get them out in time. 

Mice are everywhere and are not going away any time soon. If you are finding traces of rodents in your car, you will want to take up the good fight right away. One way is to call a pest control business to help you. However, that can get costly. If you are in a losing battle, then perhaps it will be your best choice. If you are game to put up a fight, here are a few ideas on how to get them gone from their nest in your car.

Block every entrance and exit in the engine compartment may feel like an impossible task. However, it just takes some time and patience. Start with some screen for blocking and put it across any openings that you can find. Find a buddy to shine a light in the dark and mark them. Traps. When you are not driving your car, place loaded traps in and around your vehicle. Pro-tip: Mice usually climb up your tires to gain access, so place a trap or two there! 

Sound as a deterrent. Ultrasound rodent electrical devices can help deter critters, although, over time, they may get used to it and head on in any way. Strobe lights are another excellent alternative to traps, they make their habitat uncomfortable, and they will choose to move out on their own.

Smells to deter them. Peppermint oil, pine-sol, red pepper, Irish Spring Soap, and powdered fox urine are all deterrents for rodents. All you need to do is make up a solution and spray the area down liberally and often to keep those pesky rodents at bay.

Sticky Glue Traps. These traps are relatively brutal, so if you may need a strong stomach if you choose to use them. The rodent struggles and eventually dies on this tacky strip.

Baits and rat poison are effective. However, they can be an attractant because the mice want to eat the poison. The added risk of a pet accidentally consuming some is often a big enough worry that it might be best to stay away from this option.
Mice in the engine compartment of your car is a huge liability that can cost thousands of dollars to repair or possibly even compromise your health and well being. You won't want to let mice in your engine compartment go on for long; you may be faced with a hefty repair bill or needing a new car because of the damages that they caused. 

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