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How to Make Sure Your Car Is Prepared For The Hot Weather

Now that winter is long gone and spring showers are gone you can finally get ready for summer months. You might be ready for summer after you have stocked up on sunscreen, watermelon, and a new swimsuit. Think again! Just like you prepare your car for winter weather you also need to prepare your car for the hot blistering weather. Keep these tips in mind during all of our upcoming heat waves.

The most important thing you want in the hot weather is a fully functioning air conditioning system in your car. To check this simply turn your car on and the AC, you obviously want cold air to be blowing out. If its just air blowing out then most likely something small needs to be replaced like an air filter. 

Not only do you want to stay nice and cool during the hot weather but so does your car. Check your car's radiator to make sure it has enough coolant. If you glance at your dashboard and see the temperature gauge is too high this could be an indicator that there is a leak. A pro tip is to keep the extra coolant in your trunk. 

Next comes your tires and brakes. Heat causes the air in your tires to expand and cause your tire pressure to fluctuate. Frequently check your tire pressure to see if it's above or below your cars recommended PSI. If you have a separate set of summer tires put them on as soon as possible! Along with tires make sure your brakes are in top shape. With hot weather, it's easy to warp your brake pads especially if you are hard on your brakes. If you feel vibrations, thudding, or shaking when you brake take them in to be fixed or replaced. 

Before summer starts make sure to get an oil change and keep up with oil changes throughout summer. Oil changes are the key factor in keeping your car in peak performance and running smoothly. If you are driving a lot of miles then you should be getting oil changes more regularly. 

Lastly, the final touches. This means replacing the windshield wipers, update your emergency kit, and give your car a good wash. Your wiper blades have gone through a lot with the snow and ice so it’s a good idea to replace them. Also, top off your wiper fluid so you can easily clean your windshield that is streak free. As you go off on your adventures make sure your emergency kit is restocked and up to date so you aren’t stranded with outdated food or missing bandaids. Remove any winter road salt and dirt or spring pollen with a good wash. Plus with the warm weather your car dries off fast and it doesn’t feel like a chore. 

Before you head out on any summer road trips make sure to come into Schultz Auto & Truck Repair in Hamburg to get your car ready for adventures. If you have any leaks, odd noises, or just want peace of mind then come on in. You and your car are in great hands. Make your appointment today! We are conveniently located at 5085 Southwestern Blvd., Hamburg, NY 14075 and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


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