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Tire Care Tips from Schultz Auto and Truck Repair

Winter is coming quickly and it’s more important than ever to make sure your tires in good shape. They grip the road and help keep you safe when driving conditions get more challenging in Buffalo’s wet, snowy and icy season.

Here are some of the things you need to know about tire maintenance:

Tire Tread Depth

Obviously, if your tire treads are low, you will lose traction and control. There is an easy way to check the tread depth at home using the “penny test.” Stick a penny upside down in the middle of your tire treads. If there is any space between Lincoln’s head and the top of the tread, then your tires are getting dangerously low. You will want to consider getting new tires before something bad happens.

Uneven Tire Tread Wear

Be sure and perform the tread test on all four tires (and probably the spare tire while you’re at it). Understand that the tread wear may not be even. Getting your tires rotated regularly will help keep the tread wear more even. However, if things are really uneven, it may be a wheel alignment problem or another issue that you’ll want to get checked out.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is another thing that you can check yourself using a tire gauge. Most gas stations will have one at their air/water station if you don’t have one at home. Make sure the air pressure in each tire is always at recommended level. This will lead to better performance, more even wear and possibly even improved fuel economy.

Leaks, Flats and Blow-Outs

If you have a slow leak, a patch job from a professional shop should take care of it. If you have a flat, then it will depend on the severity of the damage. It may be possible to repair or the tire may have to be replaced. If you have experienced a complete tire blow-out, call Schultz Auto and Truck Repair for a good deal on a replacement tire or brand new set of tires for your car or truck.

Take care of your tires and they will take care of you. For all your tire repair, tire rotation, tire replacement and tire maintenance needs in Erie County, count on the auto repair experts of Schultz Auto and Truck Repair. Call our auto shop today at (716) 422-4008 or schedule your next service appointment online.


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