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Tire Maintenance and Repair Tips from Schultz Auto and Truck Repair


People often underestimate how important tires are to our safety as drivers. They provide traction, handling and stability on various road conditions and in all types of weather. Properly-cared-for tires can even improve gas mileage in most vehicles. Tires are literally the only thing between your vehicle and the road itself. Therefore, it is important to take care of them.

If air is leaking from one of your tires or the treads are getting low, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle checked out by the wheel and tire repair experts of Schultz Auto and Truck Repair in Hamburg, NY. We’ll keep your tires in good condition, so you can enjoy a safer driving experience.

Tread Depth

Tread depth is very important to the performance of your tires. Once your tires start to go bald, you lose a lot of traction and emergency braking ability. In other words, when the tires can’t grip the road properly, it is very dangerous.

You can do a simple check of your tire tread depth by using a standard penny. Stick the penny in upside-down in the middle of your tire tread. If there is ANY space between the top of Lincoln’s head and the tread, then they are dangerously low and you will want to get the tire replaced. Be sure and check each tire this way because the tread wear may not be the same for all four tires.

Brakes, suspension components, wheel alignment, differentials and axles can all impact tire treads and cause uneven tread wear. In addition, your own driving habits (jamming on the brakes, cornering too hard and slamming on the gas from a standing start like you are in a drag race) can impact tread wear.

Tire Rotations

Regardless of these factors, the best way to keep the tread wear even is to have your tires rotated every 5,000-6,000 miles. Let Schultz Auto and Truck repair handle your tire rotations with regular maintenance service visits.

Wheel Alignments

It’s a good idea to get your wheel alignment checked a couple times a year. If the alignment is significantly off, it will dramatically affect your tires and it may be worth getting repaired. Schulz Auto and Truck Repair will be happy to perform a wheel alignment test for you.

Tire Air Pressure

You can also check your tires’ air pressure pretty easily with your own tire pressure gauge (we recommend keeping one in your glove box at all times) or ones you can find at most gas stations at the air/water station. Again, check each of the tires individually. If the air pressure in any tire is lower than the rest, there may be a leak that you’ll want to get repaired before it leads to a bigger problem.

When you take care of your tires, you will enjoy a safer and smoother driving experience. For all your tire repair, installation and maintenance needs, count on Schultz Auto and Truck Repair. Call our auto repair shop today at (716) 422-4008 or schedule a service appointment online.


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