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Understanding Your Axles and Drivetrain Systems

When some people imagine their car's axles, they think of a long pipe that simply connects the two wheels. This may be what an axle looks like on an old stage coach your kid's Pinewood Derby car, but it is not at all representative of modern axle and drivetrain designs.

The truth is that the more modern the vehicle, the more complex the drivetrain and axle systems are. Therefore it is important to understand some of the key components that provide power and control to your wheels and tires.

Split-Axle Design

Most modern vehicles will use split-axle designs, meaning there is a separate axle connected to each wheel. This greatly improves suspension and handling of the vehicle. The two halves of the axle are connected by a differential, which is a very important component that controls the power sent from the drive shaft to each wheel. 


A differential uses a complex gear design that allows different torque to be sent to each half of a split axle. Some 2-wheel-drive vehicles may only have a front or rear differential while 4x4 and all-wheel-drive vehicles require differentials on the front and back to control power to each of the wheels. 

CV Joints

Constant velocity (CV) joints are key components in modern vehicles. Inner CV joints will connect the drive shafts to the transmission while outer CV joints connect the axles to the wheels.

Wheel Bearings

A wheel bearing assembly is what allows the wheels to spin at high velocities without friction. When you have a bad wheel bearing, you will hear screeching and squealing, and you will want to get it fixed before it leads to major wheel or axle problems. 

Axle Service and Repairs

When it comes to your drivetrain, axles, differential(s) and wheels, you need a knowledgeable auto repair technician to identify problems and make specific repairs. The technicians at Schultz Auto and Truck Repair are experts at dealing with these vital vehicle components. We can help with any repairs or maintenance needs you have, so that your vehicle is running and handling as well as possible. 

If you think you might have an axle, wheel or drivetrain problem, call Schultz Auto and Truck Repair at (716) 422-4008 or schedule a service appointment online.


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