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Why Digital Inspections Rock!

Digital Visual Inspections are a service we provide here at Schultz Auto & Truck Repair in Hamburg, NY. Why do we do this? Because digital inspections rock!

Digital Inspections are the reports that our team sends you via email, text, or print that explain all that is good and not so good with your vehicle. Call us a little biased, but we really like providing digital visual inspections to our clients. To illustrate our point, let’s talk about what life was like before digital inspections were available to independent auto repair shops like ours.

Back in the “old” days, a visual inspection report included a manual checklist of your vehicle. For example, we offered a 30-point visual inspection that involved a paper checklist, a pencil, and a full walk-around of your vehicle’s interior and exterior to report any issues. We would denote green, yellow, or red to let you know of things like your brakes, your oil level, your filters, and systems were good, needed attention, or needed to be replaced right away. Doing things manually was fine, but the process was inefficient. The primary reason our manual inspections were inefficient was because of our communication process after doing the inspection. Our technicians would tell the service advisor what needed to be serviced or repaired. Then, the service advisor would call you to relay that information. There were no pictures to show you, and it was challenging to convey all of what we saw on your vehicle to justify our recommendations. Even on our best communication days, our manual visual inspections were clunky, which resulted in several miscommunications.

Today, we utilize digital visual inspections. Much like the old ways, we still offer a 30-point visual inspection that marks off what is good, needs attention, and needs to be replaced on your vehicle. The huge difference is the transparency these digital visual inspections provide for our customers. With digital visual inspections, we use a tablet that allows us to take pictures of every item we inspect. When we see a part that is wearing out or a leak, we snap a photo and have the ability to text it or email it to you right away. The use of digital visual inspections streamlines our communication process, removes misinterpreted data, and allows you to respond to estimates and approvals more quickly. 

Not only are digital visual inspections handy on the day that you bring your vehicle in for service, they are also great for future visits. For example, if we see an item we’ve marked for the “yellow” column and we need to keep an eye on it, we are reminded of that note the next time your vehicle comes in for service. As a result, we can store that data into our system for future maintenance visits, review your vehicle’s past history, make a plan for the next repairs, and reduce many surprises when you come in for auto repair. Digital inspections rock because they are designed to help build trust and communication between you, your service advisor, and any automotive technician working on your vehicle at any given point.

As a result, our auto repair team has earned a reputation among Hamburg drivers for honest and thorough auto repair and diesel repair. The next time you bring your vehicle to Schultz Auto & Truck Repair in Hamburg, New York, we hope you will take note of the digital visual inspections our team provides. We believe you will be delighted in the transparency and simplicity of our digital reports. 

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