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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Change Your Tires

When it comes to a change in the weather, we often think of longer days and warmer weather, looking forward to trips to the beach and other road trip adventures. If adventures like this are on your to-do list, then it might be a good time to think about your tires. Did you put on winter tires this fall? If so, it is time to go back to an all-season tire. Unfortunately, driving on the same tires year-round can cause all sorts of issues, which is why it is important to change out your tires seasonally. 

First of all, if you have studded tires or winter tires, the studs will cause reduced fuel economy and damage the roadway in addition to wearing down the metal studs, rendering them less likely to make it through another season. Each type of tire is made with different rubber compounds. Winter tires are softer, which means they will wear much faster than an all-season, that is engineered with a rubber compound that will hold up to hotter temperatures on the road. If you really think about it, the chemical compounds that each type of tire is made with is specifically designed to the season and region that it is meant to drive in. All-season tires are intended to stand up to the heat of summer, and even colder temperatures, too, unlike a winter tire.

If you are looking for an all-season tire is essential, and the experts at your auto repair shop will be happy to guide you through the process of when and where to buy your tires and have them installed. Regular tire maintenance is important; this means that you need to regularly have your tires rotated to extend the life of your tires. In the long run, this will save you a bundle of money.

Safety first! By changing out your tires, you will find that you have faster reaction time and stopping distance. It is vital to have every advantage of driving safety available to you when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road. Keeping your tires in peak performance will help you stay safe. We all want to save money, and there are a number of ways to save when it comes to your tires, which means that springtime is a perfect time to switch out your tires.

If you need help with your tire dilemma, the team at Schultz Auto & Truck Repair in Hamburg would love to partner with you. Make your appointment today. Schultz Auto & Truck Repair is conveniently located at 5085 Southwestern Blvd., Hamburg, NY 14075, and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. See you soon!



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