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Why You Need Oil Changes

When talking about preventative maintenance for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, nothing is more important than the standard oil change. Most car and truck owners are pretty well trained at getting their oil and oil filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles along with other basic maintenance services. It's just part of life, like filling up gas or diesel when the tank is empty. However, a lot of vehicle owners don't quite understand why oil changes are so important.

When to Get Your Oil Changed

Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend changing the oil and oil filter at 3,000-5,000 mile intervals. Most newer vehicles (and especially any using synthetic oil) will only need this maintenance every 5,000 miles (roughly every 5-6 months depending on your driving habits). Older vehicles that use standard oil are more likely to require maintenance every 3,000 miles or so (roughly every 3 months).

Of course, if you have a vehicle that is sitting around and not driven a lot, your maintenance may be based upon time rather than mileage. In other words, you may not drive your car 3,000 miles over the course of an entire year, but you may want to still change your oil and filter periodically. The oil can go bad and the filter can deteriorate over time, even if the vehicle is not being used much.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Whether you have a diesel engine, hybrid/electric system or a standard gas-guzzler, you need regular oil changes. There are many reasons why. Changing the oil and filter regularly keeps the oil that is running through your engine clean and of ideal viscosity. You have many parts working in unison to make the motor run, and most are moving at very fast speeds. Clean oil is crucial to keep those components lubricated and moving freely. 

If you don't change the oil/filter, the oil in your system will get burnt and lose viscosity. Parts won't be properly lubricated and that can lead to major engine problems. The engine can seize up, or components will rub together without lubrication and that friction is very damaging. The engine parts will be damaged if this occurs, and metal shavings can then travel through other parts of your vehicle (transmission, drive train, etc.) and cause even more damage. 

In other words, not getting that simple routine oil change can cost you thousands of dollars in engine/automotive repair down the road. 

Your Hamburg Oil Change Experts

Don't overlook the importance of regular oil changes. Let Schultz Auto and Truck Repair be your vehicle maintenance headquarters. We'll keep you on a proper maintenance schedule, performing oil changes, tire rotations, general inspections, brake checks, battery tests, fluid checks, etc. when you need them. Our team will keep your car or truck running great for many years to come.

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